Monday, August 18, 2014

[TRIP] My One-Day Trip to Jogjakarta

hello everyone
In my town that i live in now is not-so-great and entertaining. This town is lacking of decent movie theater, mall, any cultural building. So once a month (i know, sad right) i usually go to the nearest (and quite decent) town that takes four-hour-long road trip.

In Jogjakarta i usually eat fried chicken, go to the mall, and eat at local cafe. Here is some pictures that i took that day :
jele - strawberry and lychee

Jele is a pudding that you can find inside the Ambarukmo Plaza. The stand is near the foodcourt area.
It tastes okay in my opinion. but not that good. There are two versions of this pudding, low fat and non-low fat (normal).

artemy - gelato

Artemy's gelato is really nice. The white one is their speciality, it's made of white chocolate with black chocolate flake. The green one is mint with black chocolate flake as well. They have many toppings to choose from and I chose marshmellow one. >//<

have you ever been to jogjakarta? where is your favorite place? tell me~!

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