Thursday, July 24, 2014

[TV SHOW] Korean - Let Me In (Let 美人)

[TV SHOW] Let 美人 - Let Me In : Korean Makeover Reality Show Season 4

Hello everyone~
Have you ever heard of Let Me In? It reached season 4, and I only started watching from season 3. I guess the show is pretty interesting depend on how you look at it. ha ha

Let Me In Poster s4 [google image]
In this season Mir from MBLAQ will host the show along with Lady Jane (sorry to say, but i've never heard of her before >.<), musical actress Hong Ji Min, and the previous MC; Hwang Shin Hye.

The show itself is mainly focusing on under-the-knife-MAKEOVER, as we all know, a lot of korean people find it normal to do plastic surgery.

Let Me In offers a FREE head-to-toe surgery, as the contestant have to compete on one-on-one battle 'which-of-you-needed-the-most-makeover' with the other contestant.

chosen contestant telling their story

Contestant need to apply to join the show, and two of them were chosen to an episode with a specific theme. The two contestants then have to compete again to determine who is really worth to get a makeover.

who will be chosen? - let me in S2

The doctors then are listening to each contestant's story, assessing which of the two candidates are suitable also how well they can be transformed with surgery.

panel of judges - let me in

Here is the contestant from season 2, she's very famous now and have her own online store (i think)

You can search images from the show here:
Facebook Page - We Love 'Let Me In"
or YouTube
StoryOn YouTube
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  1. This is my fav Korean TV Show <3
    I sometimes cry watching this TwT)/
    Anw followed your blog too^^
    Lets be friends! <3


    Cute blog anw xD

    1. yea T-T i did too. but i think season 4 is focusing on the drama more. idk, the previous season is better in my opinion.

      thanks :D you're so niceee :)
      hope we can b friends~


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